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Doctor in Law and Social Sciences, School of Law and Social Sciences of the University of the Republic of Uruguay, Master in Public Administration, University of Southern California. He studied in Southwestern Legal Foundation, University of Texas, Dallas; the Center for International and Comparative Law (1980) and the Hague Academy of International Law (1983).

He is an international consultant, Professor at the Master of International Affairs Program (School of Law of the University of the Republic and the University of Montevideo). President of the Uruguayan Council of International Affairs (CURI). Former Minister of Foreign Affairs Senator (1993-1995), Minister of Energy and Mining (2000-2002) and National Senator (1990-1995, 2005-2010, 2010-2015).

He is member of several national and international institutions: American Associations, Inter-American Federation of Attorneys, Uruguayan Council of International Affairs (CURI), International Council of Trade and Manufacturing (CICYP), Argentine Council of International Affairs (CARI) and the National Academy of Economics.

He has published the following books: Mercosur e Integración (1991), Uruguay y el Nuevo Orden Mundial (1992), MERCOSUR: Una Década de Integración (2000), El Hilo Conductor (2007) y LA VIEJA TRENZA: la alianza porteño-lusitana en la Cuenca del Plata 1800 a 1875 (2013).

Languages: Spanish


Doctor in Law and Social Sciences, School of Law and Social Sciences of the University of the Republic of Uruguay (1975). International Marketing Institute, Harvard University (1972), Major in Foreign Trade.

Since 1975 he has worked as Advisor and Political Leader in different Organizations of the Public Administration, focusing on Administrative Law and Foreign Trade. He practiced law from 1995 to 2015, specialized in Business Law and Foreign Trade.  He was Technical Advisor of the National Administration of Foreign Trade (1974-1976); Technical Advisor of the Ministry of Economics and Finance (1977-1989); Deputy Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture and Fishery (1990-1991); Advisor to the MERCOSUR Sectorial Commission (1992-1996); President of the Technical Commission of the Maritime Front (1994-1996); Executive Director of FONPLATA (1994-1996), Advisor to the Board of Directors of ANTEL (1994-1997); elected Senator, substitute member of Congress 1990-1994; Member of the Commission of International Affairs of the Chamber of Senators; Representative and Advisor of the Uruguayan delegations for multiple commercial negotiations: Protocol of Commercial Expansion (Brazil); Uruguayan-Argentine Agreement on Economic Cooperation; GATT- Uruguay Round; Cairns Group; MERCOSUR; World Trade Organization.

He is member of the Uruguayan Bar Association; National Institute of Tax Studies and he is a former advisor to the Uruguayan-US Cultural Alliance (1987-1996).

Author of several publications on legal and historical issues. He is a consultant professor on legal issues related to his specialty areas.

Languages: Spanish, English

Current members of the Firm


Doctor in Law and Social Sciences, School of Law and Social Sciences of the University of the Republic of Uruguay (2006).

In 2007, he studied International and Comparative Law at the Center for American and International Law, in Dallas, Texas.

In 2012, he pursued a Management Program for Lawyers in the University of Yale, Connecticut, United States of America.

Languages: Spanish, English, French


He studied at the Faculty of Law of the Universidad Católica del Uruguay "Dámaso Antonio Larrañaga" (UCUDAL), having obtained the title of Doctor of Law in 1997.

As an aspiring professor, he was a member of the Chair of Law of Obligations and Contracts at the same Faculty between 1998 and 2002. At the same time, he specialized in Human Rights and participated on behalf of the UCUDAL in the II International Human Rights Contest at the American University in the city of Washington DC (1997).

He collaborates in the edition of a specialized text in Civil Law, the “Penal Clause and other compulsive means of compliance” authored by Prof. Dr. Gustavo Ordoqui.

He has developed an important practice in the area of ​​Business Law, forming part of directories of companies and commercial companies in our country and assisting national and international companies in matters of Commercial and Labor Law.

Languages: Spanish, English, Portuguese


Doctor in Law and Social Sciences graduated from the University of the Republic.

Grade 1 professor of Constitutional Law at the University of the Republic (Udelar) in the Faculties of Law and Labor Relations and associate member of the Institute of Constitutional Law.

He is an analyst in Human Resources and has extensive experience advising companies on Labor Law matters.

Languages: Spanish, English


Notary Public graduated from the Universidad de la Empresa in 2009.

He is a member of the Uruguayan Notaries Association.

Languages: Spanish, English


Public Accountant graduated from the University of Economic Sciences and Administration (UDELAR) in 2017.

Between 2017 and 2018, she took the following courses: "Income Tax Update", dictated by Cr. Daniel Traverso; "Most important modifications introduced by the Accountability Law", in the Graduate Update Center (CADE), "Treasury Inspections (DGI, BPS and DNA)", in the Graduates Upgrade and Upgrade Unit (UDELAR), "Improvement in VAT", in the Graduate Update Center (CADE).

Languages: English and Spanish


Degree in Business Administration, graduated from the Universidad Católica del Uruguay.

Mariana has professionally assisted countless clients to Relocate to our country and obtain Legal, Fiscal, Citizenship Residency.

She has more than twenty-five years of experience in international business and assistance to foreign clients, natural and legal persons, who move and move to Uruguay for professional, investment, agribusiness, retirement, retirement, family reunification and personal reasons.

Languages: Spanish, English, Portuguese